Glass Packaging

Promoting Patient Safety through Product Quality

At Pharmapack Europe, next-generation packaging technology seeks to address drug makers’ concerns about contamination.

Speakers and exhibitors at Pharmapack Europe February 15-16 will be focusing on easing drug delivery while overcoming industry’s challenges.

Can’t Make It to Europe?

Don't Miss the Pharmapack Europe Conference

Plan now to visit Pharmapack Europe in Paris February 15-16. For more details on the event, visit Hope to see you stop by the PMP News booth!


15th February 2012

9.30: Opening Address
“From Mesopotamia to modern times, THINK DIFFERENT about INNOVATION,” Patrice Noailles, Président, Seillans Investissement, France

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Investigating Glass Delamination

A researcher tackles some commonly asked questions about the delamination issues that have been troubling the industry.

A spate of drug recalls earlier this year has renewed attention on their cause: glass delamination. Glass vials have been long considered safe because of their longevity in the industry.

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Linda S. Mayer Appointed President and CEO of SCHOTT Corporation and SCHOTT North America, Inc.

SCHOTT North America Inc. appoints Linda S. Mayer to the office of president and CEO, making her the first woman to head the 2,800-employee strong North American operations of the specialty glass and materials technologies manufacturer. She succeeds former President and CEO Dr. Gerald Fine who became a director of SCHOTT Corp. and a member of the company’s North American Advisory Board in January.

Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging Adds More Facilities around the World

At Interphex this past week in New York City, Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging detailed its expanded worldwide production capacities in Argentina, Japan, and Russia.

Groups Studying Glass Vials

After a year of recalls involving what some call “glass delamination,” industry gathers to investigate.

In 2011, the Parenteral Drug Association (PDA; and Rx-360 ( will be looking at some of the challenges the pharmaceutical industry has encountered with recalls associated with glass vials. Several recalls have involved the discovery of particulate matter inside the vials of injectible drugs.

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