Filling Equipment

ESS Technologies Integrates Net Weigh System In Filler and Capper Unit

ESS Technologies, Inc. has integrated net weigh scales with its Monoblock Filler/Capper to create a very precise filling system for bottles, micro-tubes, vials and syringes. 

OYSTAR Aerofill Dawson To Join OYSTAR Packaging Product Line

OYSTAR Packaging Technologies (Davenport, IA) is poised to become the world’s largest aerosol machinery manufacturer in April, when OYSTAR Aerofill Dawson is slated to complete its move into Packaging Technologies’ facility in Iowa. Aerofill Dawson-branded equipment will become part of the Packaging Technologies product line.

Optima Group to Use Hydroelectricity

Pharma machinery manufacturer Optima Group is converting its electricity to draw power from renewable resources at both of its sites in Schwaebisch Hall. In the beginning of December, Hans Bühler, managing director, signed a contract with the municipal utility company of Schwaebisch Hall that guarantees direct power supply from a hydropower plant. The Schwaebisch Hall sites consume approximately 2.7 million kilowatt hours, which can be compared to the consumption of 600 four-person households.

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American Health Packaging

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Stepping Up Filling Efficiency

Filling systems benefit from precise controls and setup repeatability.
Vendors are advancing new solutions for solid tablet filling that boost output with no sacrifice to efficiency, all in more compact linear foot prints.
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Filling Adapts to New Market Needs

Filling innovations mark today�s technology.

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Complementing the Fill

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Automation Solutions

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NEWS: Spring into Cleaning

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Core Competency

A resealable membrane for bottles and vials may offer filling process improvements.

Packaging lines often only run as fast as their fillers can fill. Product viscosity determines filling speed, as does the need to minimize cross-contamination and spillage during dispensing. As companies review their packaging lines for their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), they will be considering filler capability in terms of speed, productivity, and availability. But what if they have reached maximum speeds with their existing equipment?

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