Federal Mfg. Moving to New Facility

Federal Mfg., a Pro Mach company, is reporting that office personnel will move from the company’s Walker’s Point neighborhood plant in Milwaukee to its new 78,000-sq-ft headquarters and manufacturing facility in Pewaukee, WI, on August 25.

The company has been designing and manufacturing liquid filling and capping machines for the pharmaceutical, dairy, juice, specialty drink, chemical, and coatings industries in Milwaukee for the past 65 years, it reported in a news release.

Romaco Features Packaging and Processing Technologies

Romaco Group is demonstrating technologies from Unipac, Promatic, and FrymaKoruma at PackExpo in Las Vegas.

Protecting and Delivering the Ultimate in Wound Care

Technology partners work together to produce a deep-drawn blister.

In 2009, Texas-based specialty pharmaceutical company ULURU Inc. introduced Altrazeal, a powder polymer material for treating chronic and acute wounds. When exposed to body fluids, the powder transforms into a three-dimensional microporous film that contours to the shapes of wounds. Capillaries form in the microporous film, promoting a high moisture-vapor transpiration rate, which helps manage wound exudate and creates an appropriate moist environment for wound healing. The film’s small pore size enables oxygen transport to the wound bed while preventing bacteria penetration.

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The Latest in New Products

Top-Load Cartoning System

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Z Automation Launches a New Generation of Vertical Cartoners

A new generation of vertical cartoners is now available from Z Automation Company (Arlington Heights, IL). Model CV6-350C is a continuous motion cartoner that features a streamlined, modular design; patented Dynamic Carton Cell Chain; Volumetric Filler; and integrated Vision System.

The cartoner will load a variety of carton sizes and styles, including theater boxes. With a 4-spindle rotary carton feeder, Model CV6-350C is designed to run cartons at a rate up to 350 cartons per minute.

Industrial Dynamics/filtec Delivers SPT Monitoring Technology to Customers

Industrial Dynamics/filtec (Torrance, CA) develops a new Single Platform Technology (SPT) system allowing users to view and access local and remote machines from a single touch-screen interface. The SPT interface is available for new machines, and can also serve as a compatible upgrade for all older filtec inspection models.

The Latest in Fillers

Compact Capsule Filler

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Filling Competitive Requests

Are there minimums for contract tube filler (and more) American Blending & Filling? Not really, but the growing company echoes tube makers by reporting that smaller runs are definitely more expensive.

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Three Companies in One

Turnkey solutions for customers are available through a corporate alliance.

A third company is now part of a supply agreement. The Filling Station and Qualis Packaging (both of Flemington, NJ) joined forces last April to supply small container filling and tube filling, among other services. The new partnership offers a combined 15 years of experience to customers.

Now, Le Papillon Ltd. (New Brunswick, NJ) is aboard, further strengthening customer offerings and adding another 35 years of experience to the team.

The agreement was formalized in 2008, when Qualis became a subsidiary of Le Papillon.

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Uhlmann's IBC 200 Boosts Bottle Line Performance

A common drive and control system promotes equipment and line efficiency in the Integrated Bottle Center 200 (IBC 200) from Uhlmann Packaging Systems (Towaco, NJ). Equipment efficiency, or real output of packages that meet quality criteria compared with set output, is in the 98% range, says Dirk Corsten, managing director.

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