Billions of Dollars Could be Saved through Upgrading State Drug Benefits

A new report sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Care Management Association sees potential savings of up to $5 billion in California's Medicaid program in "upgrading management of drug benefits." Prepared by The Menges Group, the report finds that such savings could be realized while maintaining benefit access and quality should "California and other state Medicaid programs .

TruTag Launches Portable Pharma Authentication Reader

The technology is designed to help combat counterfeiting and diversion.

TruTag Technologies today announced their participation in the Seventh Global Forum on Pharmaceutical AntiCounterfeiting and Diversion in Washington, DC, taking place November 27–29, 2012 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. This East Coast conference is one of the largest global forums dedicated to the reduction and elimination of counterfeit and diverted medicine, and is held in proximity to an area with one of the greatest concentrations of pharmaceutical companies in the world.

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Remain Vigilant on Second-Most-Popular Weekend for Theft

The 4th of July weekend has been the second most popular weekend for cargo theft in the past five years, reports FreightWatch International. Independence Day weekend ranks second only to Thanksgiving, the logistics security firm claimed in a bulletin issued yesterday.

"Shippers, manufacturers, and transportation companies must remain aware of the increased security risks during the upcoming Independence Day weekend," read the bulletin.

NanoGuardian Bolsters Defenses Against Counterfeiting and Illegal Diversion

As evidence of its continued commitment to the fight against counterfeiting and illegal diversion, NanoGuardian forges ahead with several business moves in 2010. Among some of the most prominent efforts are a global collaboration with Capsugel, the extension of NanoEncryption technology to cover single-use vial caps and pre-filled syringes, and a partnership agreement with Altegrity Risk. NanoGuardian, a division of NanoInk, delivers brand protection solutions to defend against illegal diversion and counterfeiting.

Covectra’s SmartPhone Technology To Combat Counterfeiting

Covectra (Southborough, MA) is offering a new multi-layered approach to anti-counterfeiting and diversion control to a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, luxury goods, automotive, electronics, and premium beverages. Covectra has made available its new smartphone technology application, Brand Loyalty and Integrity Services (BLIS). The application provides data analysis features that can be used by manufacturers and brand owners to provide increased security, monitor consumer purchase patterns, and provide brand promotional opportunities.

NanoGuardian Provides NanoEncryption Technology to Capsugel

NanoGuardian (Skokie, IL) enters into a license agreement with Capsugel (Peapack, NJ), a division of Pfizer Inc., to provide Capsugel global access to NanoGuardian’s NanoEncryption technology for the protection of capsule-based medications against counterfeiting and illegal diversion. NanoGuardian’s NanoEncryption technology works directly on capsules, tablets, vial caps, and singleuse syringes to provide a layered security strategy consisting of overt, covert and forensic security features.

On Dose to Throw Diverters Off Course

A former FBI director and drug company security executive says that protection must go beyond the package.
 A side-by-side comparison of a regular pill and a NanoEncrypted pill. NanoGuardian's technology is so discreet, that to the naked eye there is no discernable difference between the pills.
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