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Praxis Packaging Fills Its Millionth Bottle

Contract packager Praxis Packaging Solutions has filled its millionth bottle on its newly integrated primary packaging line in Grand Rapids, MI. The company has reached this milestone just after 100 days of commercial production, it reported in a press release. Just under one year ago the company set out to vertically integrate its secondary packaging with primary tablet fill packaging. 

Genco Expands Contract Packaging Capabilities

Genco has announced the company has formalized its existing contract packaging capabilities into a new business unit, Contract Packaging at Genco.

Almac Clinical Services Offers Containment Processes for Potent Pharma Products

Almac’s Clinical Services is introducing enhanced containment equipment and processes for dispensing and bottling solid-dosage products at its EU and U.S. headquarters. The Almac Group offers services ranging from R&D, biomarker discovery and development, API manufacture, formulation development, clinical trial supply and IXRS technology to commercial-scale manufacture. 

Almac Expansion Will Add More than 200 Jobs in Northern Ireland

Almac is expanding its commercial manufacturing, thanks to a total investment of £13.7million, which includes some financial support from Invest Northern Ireland. Expansions at its Craigavon, Northern Ireland, site include a new non-GMP drug development facility as well as the creation of a new 13,400-sq-ft formulation development facility and analytical laboratories. Over the next three years, up to 229 jobs will be created, Almac reported in a press release. 

PCI Begins Integration of AndersonBrecon

With the purchase of the AndersonBrecon Group, Packaging Coordinators, Inc. (PCI) adds clinical packaging and cytotoxic high-potency packaging to its commercial contract packaging assets.

SteriPack USA Recognized by Florida Governor Rick Scott

SteriPack USA, which opened its first U.S. medical packaging converting facility in Lakeland, FL, last year, has received the “Governor’s Business Ambassador Award” from Florida Governor Rick Scott.

SteriPack USA was recognized for "exceeding commitments in job creation," the company reported in a press release, and it "will seek further employment in the near future."

Packaging Coordinators and Frazier Healthcare Complete AndersonBrecon Buy

Frazier Healthcare and Packaging Coordinators, Inc. today announced that they have completed the acquisition of pharmaceutical packager AndersonBrecon from its parent company AmerisourceBergen Corporation . AndersonBrecon will now merge with and operate as Packaging Coordinators, Inc. (PCI).

AndersonBrecon and Packaging Coordinators Inc. to Combine Under Frazier Healthcare's Ownership

Frazier Healthcare reports that it has agreed to acquire AndersonBrecon, the contract pharmaceutical packaging business and wholly owned subsidiary of AmerisourceBergen Corp. Frazier Healthcare provides growth equity and venture capital to high-growth healthcare service and biopharma companies, and it will combine Packaging Coordinators Inc. (PCI) with AndersonBrecon to offer global packaging support.

PMP News Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years in Healthcare Product Packaging—A Look Back In Time… With Eyes on the Future (1993–2013)





PMP News, March 1999

Thanks to ISO 11607 and other milestones, medical device packaging has gained definite stature over the last two decades.

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20 Years of Contract Packaging

Successful contract packagers have become closer partners with manufacturer clients and have helped them implement new package formats.
Contract packagers’ business ebbs and flows with the fortunes and priorities of their pharmaceutical manufacturer customer base.
When pharma companies are launching new products, contract packagers’ expertise and technology can bring them to market quickly and at lower cost.
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