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Videojet Introduces Integrated Conveyor Solution

Videojet Technologies, Inc. has launched integrated conveyor solutions that support reliable marking and coding.

Marking Pharmaceuticals with a Laser

A provider of cold laser technology develops custom-built turnkey systems for marking capsules and tablets.

Advances in laser technology could transform the marking and tracking of capsules and tablets. Alex Kerner, president of Tri-Star Technologies, says printing during this phase can be a “last-minute bottleneck when you least want it—right at the end, after time and money have already been committed in the earlier part of the production run.”

The El Segundo, CA–based provider of laser marking systems has developed a complete turnkey system for noninvasively marking capsules and other pharmaceutical products: the Nd:YAG UV Cold Laser System.

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Device Firms Seek More Time On Unique Device ID

As the provider community stresses prompt implementation, manufacturers call for clarifications to the proposed UDI regulation and extended compliance timelines.
By David Vaczek, Senior Editor
While industry generally supports the objectives of a unique identification system for medical devices, implementing it will take longer than envisioned by FDA in its proposed regulation, according to some device manufacturers responding to the agency on the proposed rule.

UDI Rule Takes Final Shape as Comment Phase Nears End

Medical device makers were urged to move forward with planning for Unique Device Identification (UDI), with the issuance of a final UDI regulation System expected by May 2013, attendees heard at a UDI conference in Orlando last month.
Jay Crowley, senior advisor for FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH), said companies should not expect an extension of the 180-day comment period on the proposed rule beyond November 7.
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