Case History

Aetna Relies on Automation to Speed Mail Orders

Patients get prescriptions faster, and that may encourage better compliance.

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Up All Night

Form-fill-seal machinery keeps catheter packaging lines running 24/6.

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Green Is the Theme

Reduced energy use—but increased productivity—accompany a pharmaceutical distributor’s growth.

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Everything Old Is New Again

 A drug-packaging group finds that refurbished and rebuilt blister formers offer up-to-date performance with reduced costs and lead times.

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System Reduces Cost, Improves Efficiency

Company enhances production and packaging efficiency with Multisorb StripPax System.

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Mr. Mucus

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Turning Weeks into Days

Digital printing helps a drug manufacturer turn labeling changes around in days.

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Cutting Desiccant Inefficiency

A sorbent switch results in reduced downtime and improved overall efficiency.

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Case History: Combining Forces

Two companies collaborate on new wraparound safety labels for devices.

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Case History: Clear Vision—and Packaging—Increase Sales for Surgical Laboratory

Clear trays lend visibility to surgical blades and knives.

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