Bottle Packaging with Impact

As cap advances promote consumer use, multilayer bottles target shelf life and safety.

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Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Bottles and Closures

Vials for Injectables

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Bottled Up, But Not for Long

You’ve got lot after lot of drug product bottled and labeled and ready for case packing—and now you hear there’s been a labeling change. Do you scrap it all, or shuffle your staff to open each bottle to remove product?

A third option has emerged—employ a content-recovery machine. BellatRx Inc. (Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada) showed such a unit at Pack Expo Las Vegas—the Bottle Recoverx. The system automatically cuts off bottle ends to recover product with little human intervention.

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Smart bottles and closures

These capping devices enhance ergonomics for user safety.

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NEWS: Square Bottles, Color Coding Mark New Product Launches

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Tried and True Bottles & Closures

Color-coded and child-resistant closures find their match with bottles in various sizes and styles.  

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Packaging Tablets into Bottles

A look at the differences between counting methods and technologies.

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