PhysioLogics Switches from Plastic to Glass Bottles for its Supplements' Redesign

PhysioLogics has worked with O.Berk Co. to redesign the packaging for its line of vitamins and supplements sold only through healthcare professionals. The company's supplements are used for a variety of health reasons including cardiovascular, digestion, joint, vision, and bone support.

For more than 20 years, PhysioLogics used the ubiquitous white high-density polyethylene wide-mouth rounds. To build a standout line, PhysioLogics, with O.Berk’s guidance, switched to wide-mouth rounds in cobalt blue glass. New labels were produced to complement the bottles.

New Openings in Bottles and Closures

Drug firms are working with suppliers and talking with end-users in their search for convenient and safe bottle and closure solutions.

By David Vaczek, Senior Editor

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Drug Packaging Demand to Reach $62.3 Billion Globally

Worldwide demand for pharmaceutical packaging is projected to increase 6.3% each year to reach US$62.3 billion in 2013, reports The Freedonia Group in a new study. The United States will remain the largest consumer of pharmaceutical packaging as its advanced drug-producing sector introduces new sophisticated therapies with specialized packaging needs, the report claims.

Tricor Braun Weighs in on Postconsumer Recycled Content

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PACKAGING RESOURCE CENTER: The Latest in Bottles and Closures

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Bottle Packaging with Impact

As cap advances promote consumer use, multilayer bottles target shelf life and safety.

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Packaging Resource Center: The Latest in Bottles and Closures

Vials for Injectables

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