Bayer Introduces New Bayer Aspirin and Aleve Bottles

Bayer Healthcare (Morristown, NJ) has changed the packaging system for Bayer Aspirin and Aleve with a new oval-shaped bottle and user-friendly cap.

Launched into retail stores earlier in 2009, the packaging eliminates the carton, representing Bayer’s first venture into cartonless products for analgesics and a first in the category.

The system features a new cap design with a soft-touch thermoplastic elastomer cover, and a raised logo grip on the bottle sides for helping consumers grip the package.

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High-End Designs Protect Brand Equity

Quality and technology matter in protecting the integrity of pharmaceutical brands.

Innovative bottles and closures, based on proprietary designs and technologies, add value to pharmaceutical brands. New design trends are on the rise, such as senior-friendly packaging and smart packaging, while environmentally friendly initiatives keep products lightweight and contaminant free. Although crucial packaging decisions continue to be based heavily on the safety needs of patients and patient compliance, conservative regulatory and economic environments have presented some hurdles in the adoption and application of high-end trends.

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Graham Packaging Produces Standard Bottle Mold for Infection Control

Graham Packaging (York, PA) has produced a new standard PET bottle mold for antibacterial gels and sprays out of its Chalgrove Plant in the United Kingdom. The flat-sided 95-ml oval container has a 20 SP410 neck finish to suit either a flip top or pump spray closure.

The “Catch It, Bin It, Kill It” campaign in the United Kingdom aims to disrupt the spread of disease, such as influenza. One approach to reducing the risk of infection is to use antibacterial products.

Pretium Packaging and Novapak Announce Plan to Merge

Pretium Packaging LLC (Chesterfield, MO) is partnering with the New York-based buy-out firm Castle Harlan Inc. and existing Pretium management in connection with the merger of Pretium and PVC Container Corp. (Eatontown, NJ), the parent of Novapak Corp. Novapak is a portfolio company of Kirtland Capital, a Cleveland-based buyout firm.

FDA Issues Warning Letter to McNeil on Recalled Products

FDA has issued a warning letter to McNeil Healthcare stating that its Jan. 8 inspection of the company's Las Piedras, Puerto Rico, location identified significant cGMP violations. Since 2008, McNeil has received odor complaints regarding certain Tylenol products. In 2009, McNeil began recalling bottled OTC products after discovering that packaging may have been contaminated with a pallet pesticide. The recall now numbers 60 million bottles.

GlowCaps for Drug Adherence

Pharmacy-connected GlowCaps aim to help improve patient adherence with medications through reminders, social feedback, financial incentives, and automatic refills. Vitality Inc.’s GlowCaps fit popular prescription bottles available at Walgreens and other retail pharmacies. Inside the GlowCap is a wireless chip that enables four services that help people stick with their prescription regimen.

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Bayer Launches New Bayer Aspirin and Aleve Packaging

Bayer Healthcare (Morristown, NJ) is shaking up the OTC analgesics segment with new packaging for Bayer Aspirin and Aleve. The packaging forgoes the use of cartons for bottles that feature a new oval shape and user-friendly cap.

The new cap design features a soft-touch thermo plastic elastomer cover for easier gripping. Additionally, bottles' sides incorporate a raised logo grip.

Pictures of the bottles are featured in the January issue of Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News.

Shipped into retail stores earlier this year, the packaging is Bayer’s first venture into cartonless products for analgesics and a first in the category.
“We wanted the bottles to stand out, especially when compared to store-branded products as well as to our competitors. One great way to do this is to allow consumers to touch the bottles and feel the difference,” says Guido Schmitz, senior associate director, global innovation and new technology, Bayer Consumer Care Division, Bayer Healthcare.

TricorBraun to Supply 100% PCR Bottles to ANS

TricorBraun has been selected by Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS) to provide its new wide-mouth packer bottles. For this project, ANS is converting between 3-4 million units from virgin amber PET resin to amber 100% post-consumer PET resin.

Sizes being converted include 75-, 100-, 150-, 200-, 250-, 300-, 400-, 500- and 625-cm3 packers, all of which are sold at Whole Foods Market stores. 

Uhlmann's IBC 200 Boosts Bottle Line Performance

A common drive and control system promotes equipment and line efficiency in the Integrated Bottle Center 200 (IBC 200) from Uhlmann Packaging Systems (Towaco, NJ). Equipment efficiency, or real output of packages that meet quality criteria compared with set output, is in the 98% range, says Dirk Corsten, managing director.

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PhysioLogics Switches from Plastic to Glass Bottles for its Supplements' Redesign

PhysioLogics has worked with O.Berk Co. to redesign the packaging for its line of vitamins and supplements sold only through healthcare professionals. The company's supplements are used for a variety of health reasons including cardiovascular, digestion, joint, vision, and bone support.

For more than 20 years, PhysioLogics used the ubiquitous white high-density polyethylene wide-mouth rounds. To build a standout line, PhysioLogics, with O.Berk’s guidance, switched to wide-mouth rounds in cobalt blue glass. New labels were produced to complement the bottles.

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