TricorBraun Modernizes Sore Throat Spray Bottle

Updated packaging for Chloraseptic Sore Throat Spray won a silver award in the health and beauty category at the New Jersey Packaging Executives Club’s 32nd Annual Package of the Year Awards.

Prestige Brands had approached TricorBraun ( in July 2008 looking to revitalize the look of the leading OTC. “The challenge was to update the design from the recognized triangular shaped bottle while retaining consumer recognition and meetings today’s retail shelf demands,” says Jennifer Nicosia, packaging consultant, TricorBraun.

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Tech Corner: Unexpected Turn of Events

A leachable’s presence changes one company’s label choice but may have wider implications.

While studying drug compound stability for one of its customers, Metrics Inc. scientist Deanna Williamson found an unexpected leachable on one drug product: methylbenzophenone, a chemical commonly used as a photoinitiator in UV light-cured varnishes for labeling. Her discovery has since raised questions about the use of this particular label-and-bottle combination as well as the need for greater testing sensitivity when analyzing drug stability.

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Comar Expands Oral Dispenser Line

Comar, Inc. (Buena, NJ) announced the expansion of their Oral Dispenser line with a 0.5mL and 20mL Dispenser. The addition of the two new sizes will allow Comar to expand its presence in new markets including the hospital and the adult liquid markets.

The current line consists of a 1mL, 3mL, 5mL and 10mL dispensers and a complete line of accessories including a 20mm, 24mm, 28mm and 33mm “press in” Bottle Adapters and Tip Covers, including a “No Choke” design recommended for home use in preventing accidental ingestion by little mouths.

Pill Timer Addresses Adherence

Rexam Pharmaceutical Packaging and Med Time Technology Inc. team up to provide pharmacists with an innovative way to remind customers to take their medication on time. The Pill Timer will soon be available as a result of an agreement between Med Time Technology and Rexam Plastics, the largest manufacturer of plastic prescription vials in the United States.

Whole Foods Market Institutes New Sustainable Packaging Guidelines for All Body Care and Supplement Suppliers

Whole Foods Market reports that it has implemented new responsible packaging guidelines for all body care and supplement suppliers. As part of the change, the company has switched to post-consumer recycled (PCR) content bottles for several of its store-brand supplements and body care products.

Alpha Packaging to Be Acquired by Irving Place Capital

Irving Place Capital (IPC) is announcing that it has agreed to purchase Alpha Packaging (St. Louis, MO), a blow molder of plastic bottles and jars for the nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, and personal care markets. The transaction is expected to close in September of 2010.

Alpha Packaging manufactures plastic bottles and jars at five U.S. manufacturing facilities and has a new plant in the Netherlands. The company’s Technigraph division provides container decorating services to personal care brands.

Kaufman Container Celebrates Milestone

Kaufman Container (Cleveland, OH) is celebrating its 100th Year Anniversary. Starting off in 1910 as a small glass-recycling operation, the company has grown into a provider and decorator of glass, plastic, aluminum, and metal containers, tubes, closures, celon bands, and dispensing systems, offering custom molds and package development. It serves customers in personal care, household and industrial chemical, automotive, pet and vet, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage markets.

Bottles and Closures

Reusable Containers

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Bausch + Lomb Unveils Transparent Packaging

Bausch + Lomb has introduced transparent packaging for its renu fresh multipurpose lens care solution. Collaborating with Amcor Rigid Plastics and industrial design firm R&D/Leverage, B+L has replaced the traditional white HDPE bottle with a clear custom PET container. Reportedly driven by consumer demand for a transparent container, the launch could represent a paradigm shift in lens care packaging.

Anderson Packaging Recognized for Lean Six Sigma Program

Anderson Packaging (Rockford, IL) has been recognized by the International Quality and Productivity Centre (IQPC) in its annual Process Excellence Awards competition. The company won the small-to-mid sized corporation category for the competition’s Best Process Improvement in a Manufacturing Project, following the submission of a detailed summary of its Lean Six Sigma project optimizing the company’s pharmaceutical bottle packaging lines. Anderson instituted its award winning Lean Six Sigma program companywide in 2004.

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