Oystar Bundles U.S. Business

The Oystar Group has bundled its U.S. business under a single corporate umbrella. With immediate effect, the previous U.S. subsidiaries Oystar Jones (Covington, KY), Oystar USA (Edison, NJ) and Oystar Packaging Technologies (Davenport, IA) will now have a uniform corporate appearance as “Oystar North America.”

Pharmaworks Unveils Two Blister Machines, Robotic Feeder

Pharmaworks, Inc. (Odessa, FL) has announced the release of the TF1e blister packaging machine. Built on the success of the TF1 blister machine, the TF1e has an increased format range (170 mm x 90 mm vs. 130 mm x 80 mm). The company is positioning the TF1e as an affordable, small footprint machine, well suited for today’s quick changeover demands.

Tekni-Plex Turn Around Hinges On Pharma Packaging Products and Services

With finances back on a solid footing, the company plans investment in its pharma and medical device businesses.

Tekni-Plex, Inc. (King of Prussia, PA) is focused on growing its pharmaceutical packaging and medical device business segments, after implementing broad reforms to restore corporate profitability.
Since a financial restructuring two years ago, the global manufacturer of packaging and tubing products has maintained investment in its core businesses, and is planning for continued growth, says Paul Young, CEO, Tekni-Plex.

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Forming Tactics for Blister Films

Barrier films can create line performance challenges.

In blister materials, pharmaceutical companies' first priority is protecting the product, and at the lowest possible cost. Material performance on the packaging line is another issue to be considered, with pharma firms focused on improving line uptimes and speed.

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Catalent Installs ZED Blister Card Sealer

Catalent Pharma Solutions (Somerset, NJ) has installed and qualified a ZED in-line blister card sealer at its Clinical Supply Services facility in Philadelphia that provides flexibility for both small and high-volume clinical trial packaging. The sealer automatically places blister cards and strips, deploying dual sealing stations that assist in cutting blister sealing time in half and speeding production.

Victory Pharma Debuts Naprelan Dose Card

Victory Pharma (San Diego) has launched the Naprelan Dose Card, an extension of its Naprelan franchise. The Dose Card provides a ten-day tapered dose regimen in a single blister pack. Three days of Naprelan therapy at the maximum daily dose of 1,500 mg (two 750 mg tablets) are followed by a taper to 1,000 mg per day (two 500 mg tabs) for an additional seven days of therapy. 

McKesson Automates Hospital Dispensing of Unit-Dose Blisters

McKesson has launched the PROmanager-Rx system for hospital pharmacy dispensing of product pre-packaged by manufacturers in unit-dose bar-coded format.

Unveiled this week at the 44th Midyear Clinical Meeting and Exhibition of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists in Las Vegas, the bar code-based robotic solution automates stocking, picking, and order verification at the pharmacy, eliminating the need for manual repackaging and verification.
“PROmanager-Rx is the first automated system that can directly dispense a manufacturer’s package with no additional packaging or labeling required by pharmacists or technicians,” says Jim Longo, senior product manager, McKesson Automation.
“We are bar-code scanning every dose to reduce medication picking errors, and improving efficiency by using the manufacturer’s packaging and automatically confirming the output,” Longo says.
“The system is incapable of restocking or dispensing the wrong medication because it is reading the bar code at each step,” he adds.

Romaco Noack Blister Technology Used By Losan Pharma


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Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council's 2008 Compliance Packages of the Year

Winners of the Healthcare Compliance Packaging Council’s 2008 Compliance Package of the Year competition represent the best in design and innovation for unit-dose, compliance-style packages for pharmaceuticals, the group reports. The 2008 Compliance Package of the Year, the Prempro Starter Kit, combines four pouched blister physician samples with an assortment of support devices. The kit provides 20 days of therapy to help the patient acclimate to the dosing regimen.
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