Triple Play for Compliance Packaging

A brand and generic-drug manufacturer opts for daily blister cards for a new triple-combination therapy.

Pernix Therapeutics has selected compliance blister packaging for its ten-day, triple combination oral therapy for the treatment of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection and duodenal ulcer disease. Comprising omeprazole delayed-release capsules (20 mg), clarithromycin tablets (500 mg), and amoxicillin capsules (500 mg), the Omeclamox-Pak is the first triple combination medication indicated to eradicate symptoms of H. pylori in just ten days now available to patients, the company reports. Other treatments take up to 14 days.

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Almac Acquires Romaco Blister Technology

Almac announced it has expanded its MHRA/FDA-approved UK commercial  packaging facility with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art  Noack N 623 blister packaging line from Romaco.
The acquisition comes in response to growing client demand for enhanced flexibility related to larger blister sizes and innovative multi unit blister formats, coupled to a requirement for non permeability and enhanced environmental protection, particularly product humidity control, the company said in a press release.

Almac Installs Uhlmann Blister Line In New US Facility

Almac has acquired a state-of-the-art, high-speed blister line for their new 100,000 sq. ft. US commercial packaging facility in Audubon, PA. The versatile UPS 4 blister line from Uhlmann will process solid oral dose products, providing primary packaging into a range of materials including PVC, PVC/PVDC, Aclar and Alu/Alu.
Complete with an integrated C2206 cartoner, the line will provide a highly efficient packaging solution with an output of up to 12,000 blisters per hour - in a wide range of blister sizes.

Romaco Launches Blister and Micro Dosing Machines At Pharmtech 2011

On show at Pharmtech 2011 in Moscow, Russia, the blister packaging machine Noack N
921 boasts a packaging performance of up to 500 blisters a minute. The GMP-compliant Macofar Micro 18 micro dosing machine produces a maximum output of 18,000 vials an hour, the company said in a statement.
The main characteristics of the Noack N 921 are a minimum of required space and maximum efficiency. The rotary sealing machine features an ergonomic design with a length of less than four meters.

New Technology from Tekni-Films

Tekni-Films, a Tekni-Plex company, is relaunching its ALU-LOOK family of blister films designed to look like cold-formed foil. The PVC film can be laminated to PCTFE for moisture barrier and can incorporate EVOH for oxygen barrier protection, says Angela Roggenhofer, sales & marketing manager. “It mimics the visual of coldformed material but offers all the advantages of thermoforming. Companies can run this film without making major machinery modifications,” she says. The pigmented film also offers protection against UV and visible light.

More Than Machinery

A major generic drug maker had been relying on contract support for numerous products across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including niche, high-barrier-to-entry products that have limited competition and long life cycles. Given the number of different product lines, the company decided about five years ago that it was time to bring packaging in-house. 
In addition to efficient machinery, the company needed U.S.-based support providing OEM tooling capabilities, services, technicians, training personnel, and more.
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Flexible Solutions Meet Versatile Applications

At this year’s FCE Pharma in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the Romaco Group will show highlights from its packaging and processing sectors. The compact Noack DPN 760 blister packaging machine unites high system availability with excellent value for money. MZ toothed colloid mills from FrymaKoruma offer efficient processes for highest product quality. The tablet and capsule counting machine Bosspak RTC 15 is equipped with the unique Quad-Count optical matrix counting system.

Setting up for Small Batches

Compact, flexibly changed machines are meeting market needs for efficient, lower-volume blister runs.
By David Vaczek, Senior Editor
Small-batch production needs are driving the market in blister machines. For manufacturers frequently changing between new blister configurations, materials, and labeling, small-format models offer less-expensive tooling and fast changeover capability that reduce production costs.
These scaled-down machines feature lightweight, easy handled forming tools.
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Control for Wide Blister Webs

Designed for handling wider webs, Pharmaworks’ TF3 blister machine offers unique features including a vertical web orientation at the blister forming module.
“There are some projects out there where customers are still looking for a larger format machine,” says Ben Brower, vice president and sales director, Pharmaworks.
With a maximum blister format of 220 mm X 290 mm, the TF3 suits applications such as high count “bingo cards” for nursing homes, large blisters for medical devices, and “some good old fashioned
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Using Customized Magnetic Technology for Authentication

Schreiner ProSecure is introducing authentication technology that can be incorporated into self-adhesive packaging. FluxSecure technology consists of a magnetically encoded, extremely thin thread that can be inserted between the adhesive and the masking paper.

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