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Implications for Pharma Labelers of Revision to GS1 DataBar Limited Specification

Scanner and verifier manufacturers, pharmaceutical labelers who print, and users who scan GS1 DataBar Limited on unit-dose packaging are affected.

By George Wright IV, Product identification & Processing Systems, Inc.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) published a revised specification (ISO/IEC 24724:2011) in April 2011, that redefines the symbol structure, decode algorithm, and scanner processing requirements for GS1 DataBar Limited.

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GS1 Healthcare US Names New Leader

GS1 US has appointed Siobhan O’Bara as vice president, healthcare. O’Bara is now responsible for setting strategy and ensuring achievement of operating results for GS1 Healthcare US, including supporting GS1 Standards implementation initiatives
across the U.S. healthcare industry, the standards organization reported in a press release. 

HDMA Releases Major Revision to “Case Pack” Bar Code Label Guidelines

Changes introduced to meet evolving GS1 and supply chain requirements simplify and adapt case pack labels for serialization and 2-D scanning technology.

By George Wright IV, Product Identification & Processing Systems Inc.

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Achieving Necessary Control

The need for packaging line control as well as further collaboration among supply chain partners was emphasized during AIM Expo’s panel discussion, “Serialization in the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain: Lessons Learned and Remaining Challenges,” moderated by Bob Celeste, Director, Healthcare, GS1 US.

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Leading the Way

As most of the pharmaceutical industry waits for a federal requirement for track and trace or electronic pedigrees to supersede California’s e-pedigree law, two early adopters advance their pilots.

When it comes to implementing item-level serialization, most of the pharmaceutical supply chain seems to be waiting for FDA’s next move, or for California’s deadline for electronic pedigrees to get closer. Nonetheless, Purdue Pharma and Pfizer keep forging ahead. These two pharmaceutical manufacturers have been at the forefront of the pharmaceutical industry in piloting and adopting automatic identification technologies at the unit package level to combat counterfeiting and diversion.

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HISCI, HSCA Report on University of Arkansas Survey Examining Coding Adoption

The Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) and the Healthcare Industry Supply Chain Institute (HISCI) have released the results of an independent survey regarding industry adoption and integration of identification technologies used to track items in the healthcare supply chain. These include unique product identification and location codes such as Global Trade Item Numbers [GTINS] and Global Location Numbers [GLNs].

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Hapa Acquires Gottscho Printing Systems

Hapa has acquired Gottscho Printing Systems in an effort to create a single source for inline, in-house printing solutions for the pharmaceutical, medical, personal care, food, and FMCG industries. Hapa provides late-stage printing customization technologies, while Gottscho provides flexographic technologies. Both are known for providing on-demand printing technologies.

Pharmaceutical Maker Upgrades Software at Distribution Center in Turkey

ROC IT Solutions reports that a major pharmaceutical manufacturer has upgraded its implementation of ROC IT Solutions technology for track and trace in Turkey. The company's distribution center in Turkey first deployed ROC IT Solutions software in 2009 to meet the Turkish Ministry of Health (MoH) directive for item-level serialization and upgraded after its parent company began using a newer version of ROC IT solutions in the United States.

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