Schubert Group Relocates to Charlotte, Changes Company Name

Schubert Packaging Systems and Schubert Packaging Automation are moving to new headquarters in Charlotte, NC in an effort to further improve its service to customers in the United States and Canada, the company announced. At the same time, the company is changing its name to Schubert North America.

Redesigned Supersealer to be Shown at Pack Expo

OK International announced it will show its newly redesigned Medical Supersealer MBS at Pack Expo in Las Vegas from Sept. 28-30 at Booth C-2636.

Over the years, the company notes it has taken continual customer input in building its extensive line of medical grade heat-sealing equipment for medical and pharmaceutical applications. 

20 Years Of Automation

Companies have reaped large benefits in automating packaging lines and enterprises.
By David Vaczek, Senior Editor
Higher production rates, improved efficiency, and lower operating costs are high priorities for all industries and life sciences packaging is no exception.
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PMP News Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years in Healthcare Product Packaging—A Look Back In Time… With Eyes on the Future (1993–2013)





PMP News, March 1999

Thanks to ISO 11607 and other milestones, medical device packaging has gained definite stature over the last two decades.

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Salary Survey: Compensated for Quality

Packaging professionals worry about cost cutting and consolidation, but realize that high-tech skills and dedication to quality are in demand.

Concerns over consolidation, cost cutting, and downsizing preoccupy pharmaceutical and medical device packaging professionals responding to this year’s annual salary survey conducted exclusively for Pharmaceutical & Medical Packaging News. And if these reductions weren’t enough, these professionals have added a new worry: healthcare reform. Several respondents indicated that they are bracing for the impact of health care legislation, which some fear could lower overall lower compensation in the industry.


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Automating With MES

Merck Serono is among pharma firms deploying MES for process visibility and control.
By David Vaczek, Senior Editor
As manufacturers seek to better understand processes toward the goal of operational excellence, manufacturing execution systems (MES) have emerged as a critical tool for increasing production efficiency and compliance.
An interface between machines and people on the shop floor and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), MES integrates plant functions as processes and results are documented electronically.
“Customers have
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Capitalize on OEE without Additional Capital Investment

Look at your line again to determine whether time-tested methods can help you improve OEE.

Richard A. Bahr
President & CEO
MGS Machine Corp.

Most new packaging equipment can improve your line’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) compared with that of existing, less modern lines. In almost every case, machine manufacturers have stepped up their offerings in machine diagnostics, rapid/repeatable changeovers, and flexibility. Sure, all manufacturers’ offerings are not the same, but you will find most new equipment to be more efficient than past machines.

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Aspect Automation and Stäubli North America Team Up with Kalypsys for the National Institutes of Health

Aspect Automation, a manufacturer of automation equipment, and Stäubli North America, a manufacturer of robotics systems, have worked with Wako Laboratory Automation/Kalypsys to build a new environmental toxin screening system for installation at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD. The system will allow NIH to test millions of compounds quickly, using a variety of cell-based or biochemical assays. Able to run multiple screens simultaneously, the Aspect/Stäubli system can operate continuously (24/7) within a laboratory environment.

Meet the Press: CPGs Map the Future

A panel of respected professionals from leading consumer packaged goods companies will face the industry press at Pack Expo International 2010 to offer their opinions on the latest developments in packaging.

Addressing Downtime

As companies adapt to just-in-time inventory practices and require the ability to flexibly accommodate different packaging and materials, changeover has become increasing critical.


Rapid and repeatable change-over systems support line efficiency and production throughput, as they reduce machine downtime.

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