Standardizing Labels For Arthroplasty Devices

Manufacturers push back with concerns over label real estate and costs for multiple skus.
By Dave Olson
Vice President, Technical Sales
A number of years ago when the FDA proposed nutrition labeling on all food packages, the angst and outcry were tremendous.
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Amcor Nylon-Based Films Address Damage

For higher levels of package protection, Amcor Flexibles ( offers its Buried Nylon (BNE) films.
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Amcor Nylon-Based Films Address Damage

For higher levels of package protection, Amcor Flexibles ( offers its Buried Nylon (BNE) films.
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Quality In Packaging

Members of PMP News's Editorial Advisory Board focus on trends in package quality assurance.
Inspection technology and supply chain controls are helping to ensure packaging quality and product protection, as pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers face demands for user-friendly packaging. Speaking on the issue for this year’s Industry Outlook are the following members from PMP News’s Editorial Advisory Board: John Bitner, director of packaging development, Watson Pharmaceuticals; D. Bruce Cohen, principal,
PackTechPlus LLC; Michael L. Forehand, principal packaging engineer, global engineering and technology,
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Automating With MES

Merck Serono is among pharma firms deploying MES for process visibility and control.
By David Vaczek, Senior Editor
As manufacturers seek to better understand processes toward the goal of operational excellence, manufacturing execution systems (MES) have emerged as a critical tool for increasing production efficiency and compliance.
An interface between machines and people on the shop floor and enterprise resource planning systems (ERP), MES integrates plant functions as processes and results are documented electronically.
“Customers have
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Intelsius, ATI Team with Data Logger Solution

The companies foresee growing pressure for monitored shipments.
Intelsius ( in a partnership with American Thermal Instruments (ATI; will include a complementary ATI LOG-IC electronic temperature data logger in every refrigerated and controlled-room-temperature shipper.
Customers can specify any of ATI’s range of data loggers, with the opportunity to compare their performance with alternate loggers they may have already qualified. The loggers will be integrated in Intelsius’ Orcatherm, BioTherm, and
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India Plans For Bar Codes

The country looks to protect its brands with a requirement for serialized coding on exported packaging.
Although Indian government deadlines were recently deferred for meeting a bar coding mandate, drug manufacturers in the country still have only months to implement serialization solutions.
“Because the regulation just came out in June, companies have been in a mad rush to evaluate technology and make a decision.
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Feeders and Inspection Systems Enable Enhanced Carton Design At Proteus Packaging

With it’s PacXtra program, Proteus Packaging ( has built out capabilities in carton assembly and inspection.
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Finding the Right Equipment

Flexibly configured cartoners address small batch production.
As SKUs multiply and batch sizes dwindle, packaging line productivity is challenged.
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More Than Machinery

A major generic drug maker had been relying on contract support for numerous products across a wide range of therapeutic areas, including niche, high-barrier-to-entry products that have limited competition and long life cycles. Given the number of different product lines, the company decided about five years ago that it was time to bring packaging in-house. 
In addition to efficient machinery, the company needed U.S.-based support providing OEM tooling capabilities, services, technicians, training personnel, and more.
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