Industry Seeks Track and Trace Law

The RxTEC Act provides a model for automated lot-level tracking.
With the RxTEC Act (, pharmaceutical supply chain members are proposing a phased-in approach to track-and-trace with a federal law imposing uniform requirements on all states.
The act was developed by the Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance (PDSA), manufacturers, wholesalers, and pharmacy chains joining to offer an alternative model for tracing prescription drug distribution.
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ASTM International Publishes New WVTR Tests for Solid Oral Drug Packs

Test methods were developed by a Product Quality Research Institute working group after a 10-year program of study.
By Hugh E. Lockhart, PhD
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Adapting to Trends In Drug Delivery

Sonic Packaging combines design and manufacturing services to offer custom solutions that support compliant use.
Sonic Packaging ( is offering in-house design, engineering, and filling services to help customers develop unique packaging solutions and support trends in unit-dose medication delivery. With the launch of the company iDE (Integrated Design and Engineering), Sonic provides a domestic resource for turnkey package development and contract filling.
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Catalent Pharma Expands Blister Facility In Italy

Catalent Pharma Solutions ( has announced the completion of the on-going expansion of its facility in Aprilia, Italy.
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Dietary Supplement Market Helps Drive Growth At Ruspak

Ruspak ( has completed a $1 million upgrade at its Lyons, NY, facility and added a third Bartelt horizontal form-fill-seal pouching machine to handle business growth.
Cleanroom suites are enhanced with reinforced fiber-glass wall panels, and epoxy-coated concrete floors.
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Supporting Precise, Repeatable Package Testing

Versatile and more sensitive testers promise to lower downtime and product losses.
Package testers with multiple testing modes and higher sensitivity offer OEMs with a diversity of medical packaging systems the ability to test packaging faster and with more precision.
For performing the package integrity and seal strength tests required by ISO 11607, Packaging For Terminally Sterilized Medical Devices, TM Electronics Inc.
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Versatile Bottling

An A+ Secure Packaging bottling line is customized for flexibility.
A fully integrated bottling line at A+ Secure Packaging ( is designed to handle diverse customer requirements and minimize production costs.
The first bottling line at the contract packager’s 34,000-sq-ft LaVergne, TN facility, the line features electronic sensing with reject verification and a two-c
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DHL Offers Real-Time Tracking Technology

The modularly designed DHL Smart Sentry device is customizable for monitoring conditions including pressure, shock, and humidity.
DHL has launched DHL Smart Sentry for real-time tracking of data for high-value cargo. The multi-mode wireless device monitors temperature, pressure, humidity, vibration, speed, shock, light, and GPS location via global cellular network
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Reconstructing Reconstitution

Building on a long history of reconstitution, two companies devise a new system for sterile water for injection intended to promote ease of use and dosing.
By Mike Schaefers, West Pharmaceutical Services; and Thomas Otto, Vetter
The process of freeze-drying injectable drugs by removing water from the material and sealing the material in a vial, known as lyophilization, was developed in the mid 1930s. Since then, lyophilization has created a faster and more convenient path for many new drugs, including biologics, to reach the market.
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Striving for Best-In-Class

Suppliers commercialize creative new solutions under right-the-first-time imperatives.

As they emphasize continuous improvement in manufacturing, packaging suppliers have allocated capital for equipment following market trends and developed new packaging solutions.

Contract packagers have expanded services for pharmaceutical manufactures reaping or evaluating the benefits of outsourcing. They have invested in bottle and blister lines, syringe packaging, kitting solutions, clinical trials services, and platforms for track and trace.

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