December 2011

Managing Pain with Novel Drug Delivery

Aptar Pharma will be exhibiting at the upcoming Pharmapack Europe, to be held February 1516 at Paris's Grande Halle de la Villette. Ahead of the show, PMP News posed questions to Pierre Carlotti, VP, marketing & communication, Aptar Pharma Prescription Division.

Q. How can drug delivery and packaging play a role in pain management? continued

Fingerprinting Containers with an iPhone

Molded parts can now be verified using a regular Apple iPhone 4 equipped with AlpVision's "Genuine or Fake" detection application. Relying on the use of AlpVision's patented Fingerprint technology, which captures the unique, microscopic characteristics of those molded parts prior to distribution, this anticounterfeiting solution does not require any additional marking of the molded part. The company explains that molded containers for liquid, powders, or tablets are candidates for use, as are a range of other consumer goods.

Users start by selecting a product type, like a 300-ml container, and the mold cavity number visible on the item, and an overlaid shape appears on the iPhone 4 screen, the company explains in a press release. Users then position the iPhone 4 to match the overlaid shape with the item to be verified. Verification typically takes about 3 seconds, most of which is taken up by the time it takes to pick up the item and position the iPhone over it. The iPhone 4 application operates in real-time at a rate of 10 detections per second; the verification process is similar to reading a bar code with a laser scanner, the company reports. continued

Innovations from Pharmapack Europe Exhibitors

On February 15-16 in Paris, Pharmapack Europe will host more than 250 leading companies involved in the design, manufacture, and supply of drug-delivery systems and pharmaceutical and medical packaging.

We explore some of their latest news and innovations below. continued