WS Packaging Group Awarded Patent for Extended Text Label

The U.S. Patent Office has awarded a patent to WS Packaging Group Inc. (Green Bay, WI) for its FlexWrap extended text label, which is part of its MultiVision line of extended text labels. FlexWrap labels are suitable for a range of applications, including fully conformable squeeze tubes, glass vaccine vials, and any small-diameter structure such as barrel containers for lip balms or brushes. The label materials are completely water-resistant.

FlexWrap allows a large enough print area to accommodate regulatory compliance, consumer education, multiple languages, health and safety warnings, and pharmaceutical labeling requirements. "FlexWrap labels deliver a large print area in a very small footprint to help brand owners meet consumer education and regulatory compliance without the need for additional packaging," says Paulette Carnes-Gramse, MultiVision product development manager. "They also offer a sustainable solution by making it possible to eliminate unit cartons because all product and consumer information can be incorporated into the label."

The addition of the FlexWrap patent makes WS Packaging the only label manufacturer with two extended text label designs engineered for small-diameter packaging and plastic tubes, the company reports.

FlexWrap labels are composed of a base label the diameter of the package and a hinged top ply. The hinge is created during machine application, which is two-thirds faster than a continuous wrap label. The base label and top ply can be a combination of materials, but the majority of applications involve a clear base with a white top ply.


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