Videojet Technologies Offers Ultra High Speed Continuous Ink Jet Printers

Representing the next generation to its 1000 Line ink jet printers, the 1620 Ultra High Speed and 1650 Ultra High Speed units provide the ultimate in print speed, the company said in a press release.
The printers incorporate the Videojet Precision Ink Drop system and Videojet’s patented CleanFlow technology in delivering more code content for high speed packaging operations.  On the 1650 UHS, Videojet’s Code Assurance and on-board Productivity Tools help reduce costly coding errors and virtually eliminate the major root causes of unplanned downtime.
The 1620 UHS and 1650 UHS provide customers with the solution to the traditional problem of balancing the need for high content codes and high quality print at ever increasing production line speeds.  The ability to print higher content codes on high speed lines has been governed by the constraints of current ink jet printing technology.
The two printers surpass current technology through the use of the Precision Ink Drop system which includes printhead technology, software capability, and specially formulated inks.
The 1620 UHS and 1650 UHS printers are up to 40 percent faster than the prior industry benchmark, the Videojet Excel UHS.
The units feature Videojet’s Dynamic Calibration for automatic parameter adjustment in response to changing ambient conditions. “In combination with the innovative Precision Ink Drop system, this higher quality coding allows for greater print density – ensuring that print windows can remain small and unobtrusive to the package design, yet clear and readable to consumers,” the company said.
The printers in addition feature a patented CleanFlow print head and a Smart Cartridge fluid delivery system.
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