Videojet Introduces Integrated Conveyor Solution

Videojet Technologies, Inc. has launched integrated conveyor solutions that support reliable marking and coding.
The new conveyor solutions are designed to allow for precise alignment with printers to deliver the best coding results possible, as packagers face the critical need for consistently achieving high quality codes and ensuring traceability of products moving through the supply chain, the company said in a press release.
“Our new material handling solutions not only help to meet the needs of manufacturers and packers in case coding applications, but they also ensure our coding solutions are tightly integrated for enhanced reliability and code assurance,” said Ondrej Kruk, Videojet business unit manager.
The benefits of the integrated material handling solution include:
Uptime Advantage: Videojet conveyor solutions fit industrial applications with powder coated/anodized aluminum and powder coated steel construction. Matching many packaging line requirements, customers can achieve standard variable speeds up to 100 fpm and optional speeds up to 200 fpm. In addition, the conveyor solutions include a smooth belt with V-guide to prevent tracking issues.
Built-in productivity: Customers can choose conveyor solutions with printhead, photocell and encoder mounts. Adjustable guides can help improve efficiency for operations with variable case sizes.
Code Assurance:  With smooth material handling, customers can optimize print quality and limit operator intervention to help mitigate errors.
Simple usability:  All guide rail brackets, encoder mounts, and printhead mounting plates clamp onto the side of the conveyors with a patented dove-tail design.  Customers have no need for drilling or tapping holes; all accessories are easily adjusted with an Allen wrench.  In addition, the flexible solutions allow for accessories to be slid in the dove-tail groove or loosened enough to be removed and placed in any available spot on the conveyor. The conveyor height is adjustable from 24” to 36”.
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