Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act Applauded

The U.S. Senate has passed the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act (S. 1171), which if passed by the House of Representatives and signed by President Obama, would enable veterinarians treating patients on the farm, in the wild, or in any other mobile setting to bring and use controlled substances to provide pain management, anesthesia or euthanasia. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) discussed such news in a press release, praising senators' efforts.

The law was sponsored by Senators Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) and Angus King (I-Maine).

“The Senate’s action proves that our nation’s leaders are listening to the veterinary profession and are diligently working to ensure that animals in all settings continue to receive the best quality care,” said Dr. Clark Fobian, president of the AVMA, in the press release. “To be a veterinarian, you must be willing to go to your patients when they cannot come to you, and this means being able to bring all of the vital medications you need in your medical bag. We are pleased that the Senate has taken action to fix a loophole in federal regulation, which has concerned veterinarians over the past few years, and urge the U.S. House to swiftly follow suit.”

“The passage of the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act today is a step in the right direction for the licensed practitioners who help ensure public safety and care for animals in Kansas and across the country,” Sen. Moran said in the release. “By legalizing the transportation and dispensation of controlled substances, this legislation makes certain veterinarians are equipped with the tools they need and is particularly important for practitioners who work in rural areas, conduct research or respond to emergency situations.”

“I am very pleased the Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act passed the Senate,” Sen. King said in the release. “Working in a rural state like Maine often requires veterinarians to travel long distances in order to provide care to animals on farms, in homes and at shelters. This bill will grant properly licensed veterinarians the right to carry and administer controlled substances, including important medications, allowing them to do their jobs.”

For more details, visit AVMA's site.

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