TraceLink Unveils Cloud Computing Solution For Supply Chain Visibility

TraceLink (Woburn, MA) has launched TraceLink Predictable Supply Chain Suite, a software solution for managing outsourced manufacturing. The solution accelerates outsourced production and improves production lifecycle visibility by creating a secure business cloud. The cloud connects business process modules for production tracking, inventory monitoring, and quality review to a collaborative team workspace created and managed by the business users themselves.

The TraceLink Predictable Supply Suite creates visibility across the entire production lifecycle from purchase order and production forecast to final product delivery. The solution enables business users to establish virtual teams, select business processes, and connect with supply chain partners within minutes after registering on the site. Teams create a business cloud to coordinate production across dozens of manufacturing projects and products or to handle one-off production runs on an as-needed basis.
Users can selectively improve their manufacturing performance with the tier-1 partners or drive collaboration with “long-tail” suppliers that have been virtually impossible to connect with, TraceLink said.
“By working with supply chain leaders and project teams, we recognized that eliminating the black-holes (in supply chain management) required developing a new innovative approach” says Shabbir Dahod, president and chief executive officer of TraceLink.
“We used design principles from, LinkedIn, Google as well as Twitter, and merged them with our in-depth knowledge of supply chain business processes to create a revolutionary solution for executing any business process with any partner at any time,” he adds.
Production tracking manages the overall production lifecycle, augmented with material tracking and other capabilities as needed. Users can share production documents, ad-hoc notes, and other artifacts as team members need them and drill into exceptions and milestones to view and manage underlying issues.
Benefits include:
  • Right-First-Time predictability and scalability of outsourced manufacturing production. Improve decision-making, production performance and business agility with integrated cross-partner, cross-site and individual project visibility into production status, upcoming milestones and potential roadblocks to on-time delivery.
  • On-time product delivery and reduced operational cost throughout the production lifecycle. Reduce purchase order negotiation time, take delays out of the manufacturing process and order-to-cash cycle, ensure raw material availability and eliminate manual labor in production status and operational reporting.
  • Reduce inventory and safety stock levels. Support lean initiatives by improving inventory visibility across the external supply network, tightening production plans and execution schedules, and identifying potential production delays before they impact delivery dates.
  • Improve corporate competitiveness and business agility. React faster to demand changes and material resource availability by simplifying connectivity with even long-tail supply partners, establishing and dissolving collaborative clouds with remote teams as needed and driving new levels of joint business collaboration with suppliers, contract partners and customers.
  • Enhance corporate strategy and planning. Drive better sales and operations planning by applying deep insight on external supply network operational performance and monitoring individual partner and production project performance against established KPIs.
The Predictable Supply Suite is available online via a flexible subscription model which makes the supply management solutions accessible and cost effective for individual teams, departments, divisions and entire corporations. In addition, signing up for free pilots of TraceLink solutions is quick and easy through the TraceLink website, TraceLink announced.
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