Thoro Packaging Moves to 100% Wind Power

Carton manufacturer Thoro Packaging has moved to 100% wind power for all of its manufacturing, enabling Thoro’s customers to print “Cartons Produced with 100% Wind Power” on their packaging, Thoro reports in a press release. 

Thoro has been a member of the Green Power Leadership Club since 2010. It purchases enough renewable energy credits (RECs) to offset all energy used by its facility, and now those credits are sourced 100% from wind energy, the company reports. "These RECs financially support the development of new renewable electricity production in the form of wind power. Energy diversity is increased, and dependence on foreign energy sources is reduced," Thoro explained in the press release.

“Thoro is committed to not only reducing our impact on the environment and natural resources, but also strives to offer as many options as possible to support our customers’ sustainability efforts as well,” stated Janet Steiner, President and CEO, in the release.

Thoro’s purchase of renewable energy reportedly reduces an estimated 4,199,796 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Thoro states that such energy is "comparable to taking 364 personal vehicles off U.S. roads for a year."

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