ThermoSafe Brands, ISCLabs Details Two Ambient-Temperature Profiles in Whitepaper

ThermoSafe Brands, ISCLabs, is offering a whitepaper addressing the scientific properties of two ambient temperature profiles designed for the safe and viable distribution of temperature-sensitive products.

“Storing and shipping highly temperature-sensitive products requires sophisticated packaging to ensure the product remains safe and viable — from manufacturing plant to the end user,” said Ken Maltas, vice president of engineering, ThermoSafe Brands, in a press release on the publication. “This whitepaper addresses several of the challenges involved when incorporating an accurate ambient profile into a shipping system, especially in the highly regulated life sciences industries, and includes a proprietary analytical method for comparing different profiles.”

The ISCgold and ISCsilver Ambient Temperature Profiles were developed to allow users to choose a design profile that is based on specific shipping needs and criteria. They are based on the analysis of multiple sources taken over several years, from various countries, lanes, and seasons, rather than a snapshot from limited data that was taken over a brief period of seasonal extremes, ThermoSafe Brands explains in the release.

Please visit to download the whitepaper.

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