ThermoSafe Brands Acquires GreenBox

ThermoSafe Brands has added GreenBox to its family of temperature-controlled transportation packaging. Tegrant Corp. President & CEO Ronald Leach and ThermoSafe Brands’ President Colleen Bohn announced the acquisition of GreenBox from Entropy Solutions Inc. in a press release. In addition to the acquisition, the companies have forged an exclusive worldwide license agreement for PureTemp phase-change materials in the life sciences market and an on-going technology development agreement between ThermoSafe Brands and Entropy Solutions Inc.

Recently recognized in the DuPont Packaging awards program, the now ThermoSafe Brands GreenBox is designed for the safe transportation of temperature-sensitive products. GreenBox employs the bio-based, nontoxic, and biodegradable PureTemp phase-change material, which uses a specially engineered plant-oil derivative to help control temperatures. The most common PureTemp formulations focus on frozen (under 0º C), refrigerated (2-8º C), and room temperature (20-25º C) applications, the press release states.

GreenBox will be manufactured by ThermoSafe Brands’ locations and affiliated partners in the United States, Europe, and Asia. ThermoSafe Brands is a strategic business unit of Tegrant Corp. Entropy Solutions is headquartered in Minneapolis.

“The GreenBox acquisition strengthens and broadens the product portfolio of our ThermoSafe Brands business unit,” said Leach in the press release. “The acquisition of GreenBox and the exclusive license that we signed this week allow Tegrant to bring unique temperature assurance solutions to the markets we serve. I believe the addition of GreenBox to the ThermoSafe Brands portfolio will give Tegrant the technology to meet the ever increasing demands of the global Life Sciences industry.”

Added Bohn: “The GreenBox acquisition complements our well-established brand of temperature assurance products, bringing new technology that will allow us to reduce the weight and size of packaging solutions for our Life Sciences customers world-wide. ThermoSafe intends to incorporate the benefits of PureTemp Phase Change Materials into its existing product lines, extending our ability to provide the best offerings to our customers. I am excited about the opportunity to offer our customers an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective packaging solution, capable of efficiently transporting their temperature-sensitive products around the globe.”

Entropy Solutions CEO, Eric Lindquist said: ”We at Entropy are proud of the successful GreenBox products that we launched as a solution for Life Sciences customers. We believe that under the guidance of ThermoSafe, those same products will have even broader reach and appeal.  We are excited about the on-going relationship between our two businesses.  As we create new materials and products, ThermoSafe will have the infrastructure, thermal modelling, testing, and qualification capability to commercialize new products more quickly, bringing the benefits of our technology to a broader audience.” 

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