Terso Solutions Offers RFID-Enabled Cabinet To Suppliers

A larger-size, RFID-enabled cabinet launched by Terso Solutions Inc. (Madison, WI) provides customized storage space to protect and track high-value inventories for healthcare suppliers and providers. The newly launched smart cabinet is well-suited for operating room supply centers and catheterization labs, as well as other environments where high-value items need to be controlled at the point of use.

"Terso's RFID-enabled cabinets are currently helping healthcare suppliers and providers better manage high-value inventory by providing real-time visibility to these products often included in consignment or VMI-based programs," says Joe Pleshek, CEO, Terso Solutions. "By coupling Terso's RFID solution with a proven higher-capacity healthcare storage cabinet, we can deliver the benefits of automated inventory control to OR, cath lab and interventional radiology product applications."

The new cabinet has 25 cubic feet of storage space and measures 36 inches wide by 26 inches deep and is 80 inches tall. A key feature of the cabinet is a customizable storage system of bins, shelves and hangers that is suitable for protecting and tracking a variety of high-value items like cardiovascular products, orthopedic supplies, Class II pharmaceuticals, reagents, and bio-samples.

RFID technology enables the cabinet to capture inventory transactions at the item level by user, leading to greater accountability. To access the cabinet, a user simply presents his or her electronic access control card to a cabinet-mounted scanner and removes the needed RFID-tagged product. Once the cabinet door is closed, the RFID system records the items that were removed and communicates the information back to the hosted database. In addition to tracking inventory, the enclosure also monitors its internal temperature and the inventory expiration dates.

End users can securely access Terso's centralized database via a Web-based user interface or a cellular network. The system hardware, software and services combine as a precise turnkey solution for consignment or vendor-managed inventory control, internal inventory control, and product traceability in high-security applications or commercial settings.

"Hospitals and laboratories are using our RFID-enabled cabinets to optimize their inventory, reduce costs and achieve regulatory compliance," says Jason Rosemurgy, global sales director, Terso Solutions. "The turnkey capabilities of our solution allow companies and providers to get started quickly to manage one product or more than 100 products."

A complete Terso system consists of one or more RFID-enabled cabinets, freezers and/or refrigerators, a communication infrastructure, hosted data services and technical support. The overall system is rapidly deployed, reliable, scalable and engineered with assurance.

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