Tapemark Expands Capabilities for Transdermal Patches

Tapemark has announced the addition of several new capabilities for transdermal patches, including the formulation, blending, and coating steps in the patch manufacturing process.
Combined with Tapemark’s existing converting and packaging expertise, Tapemark now is a fully-integrated transdermal contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), from active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) to the finished transdermal patch, the company said in a press release.
Andy Rensink, president and chief operating officer of Tapemark, explained that upon its 60th anniversary, Tapemark recently invested heavily in expanding both its capabilities and its physical facilities in the realm of transdermals. “Responding to customer demand for full vertical integration, we’re adding formulation, blending, and coating to our existing superior converting and packaging capabilities. Now we’re a full-service provider in the transdermal space,” said Rensink.
In addition to a significant investment in new equipment and the facilities build-out currently in progress, the company is adding staff to support the new capabilities. Rensink explains, “The industry really has been searching for a full-service provider such as Tapemark. We anticipate strong growth for Tapemark and for the pharma industry, especially as generic drugs continue their push for market share in transdermal patches.”
Tapemark is a full-service CDMO (contract development and manufacturing organization) providing
web-based (flexible roll goods) manufacturing for drug, device, and combination products.
 With the added new capabilities, Tapemark is now a fully-integrated transdermal CDMO, from API to finished transdermal patch. Additional supported single-use drug delivery formats include oral and transmucosal soluble film, topical patches and pads, and Tapemark’s patented Snap! and Snapplicator unit-dose packaging for semi-solids.
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