Sustainability in Packaging: Making It Plantable

I have always thought that, if packaging could be made multifunctional, it would trigger a new wave of innovation that would take MDMs to the new shore of customer satisfaction. Plantable packaging is an example that demonstrates this point.

Vimal K. Puthiyadath

UFP Technologies touts Plantable Packaging as "a 100% recyclable custom packaging solution with flower seeds embedded" on its website. "Instead of tossing away your packaging in the trash, it can be planted in your garden to grow."

This plantable package is made from a fiber board material that is completely recycled and completely recyclable, UFP says. "A variety of flower, herb and vegetable seeds can be selected to be embedded within your packaging. After a few easy steps your packaging can be planted into soil," and the plants start growing within weeks.


These kinds of innovations will help packaging shed the esoteric image and become populist. This will add another exponent to its awareness among engineers, and it will also enhance the product's marketing. What is your opinion?

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Vimal K. Puthiyadath, Biomedical Electronics Engineer

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