Students Build Bottle Transfer System For Omega Design

Following a successful semester-long project, a team of four senior mechanical engineering students from the University of Delaware recently presented their Adjustable Bottle Transfer System to Omega Design Corporation (Exton, PA), a provider of packaging machinery and serialization solutions, including bottle unscrambling technology.
Omega sponsored the team’s Fall 2011 Senior Project, designed to give students real-world career experience prior to graduating.
The student team – John DeLucca, Scott Fritsch, Daniel Marchegiano, Jeffrey Ulchak – spent the semester learning about Omega’s machine manufacturing operations. Their assignment was to build a working prototype of a bottle transfer system that could be appended to Omega’s patented Rotary Pocket Bottle Unscrambler.
The main design requirement was for the transfer system to accommodate various bottle shapes and sizes. Traditionally, Omega uses a welded chute as the essential channel through which bottles move from one part of the machine to another. The teams’ ultimate design solution would eliminate the need for this bottle-specific change part, saving customers money, storage space, and time needed during machine changeovers.
Omega provided technical expertise and a supportive learning environment so the students were able to define the problem, find and test a solution, and then recommend a path forward.
Omega was extremely pleased with the team’s innovation and progress. “We were very impressed with the team’s enthusiasm, commitment, and overall engineering acumen. It was a very positive experience for us with an excellent result, and we’re already looking forward to working with next year’s seniors,” said Len Dube, Director of Manufacturing at Omega. Currently, the team’s prototype is being discussed and tested on equipment within Omega’s R&D Department and could be introduced as an upgrade option on new and existing Bottle Unscramblers.
Following this successful collaboration, Omega plans to pursue additional educational partnerships with organizations and schools throughout the region. These include ongoing mechatronix training through the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute’s national certificate program, as well as the Mid-Atlantic Mechatronix Advisory Council, a partnership between the federal government and state of Pennsylvania to advance workforce development and manufacturing.
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