SteriPack USA Recognized by Florida Governor Rick Scott

SteriPack USA, which opened its first U.S. medical packaging converting facility in Lakeland, FL, last year, has received the “Governor’s Business Ambassador Award” from Florida Governor Rick Scott.

SteriPack USA was recognized for "exceeding commitments in job creation," the company reported in a press release, and it "will seek further employment in the near future."

SteriPack USA's
Gary Leonard Accepts Florida Governor’s Business Ambassador Award

Gary Leonard, Vice President, Operations SteriPack USA, accepted the award. Governor Rick Scott has been invited to SteriPack’s USA facility to tour the facility and meet the team at SteriPack USA.

The converting facility in Lakeland can also support contract packaging and manufacturing services and is expandable to include future contract engineering and testing services, which the company offers at locations in Europe and Asia.

Read "SteriPack to Begin Operations in the United States" for more details.

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