Spartech Provides First Sustainability Report

Spartech Corporation has launched its first corporate sustainability report. The report provides an in-depth preview of Spartech’s status and commitment to its vision of being the leading supplier of sustainable solutions for its customers.
“Creating a sustainable business for Spartech is critically important to our employees, customers, suppliers, investors, and the communities in which we live. Spartech produced its first Sustainability Report to be transparent with all our constituents regarding our goals and progress toward those goals,” says Vicki Holt, president & CEO. “Corporate Sustainability has been part of Spartech’s values for some time, but recently we’ve broadened our communication efforts, increased awareness, raised our standards and started to monitor progress toward our goals.”
Spartech received a Supplier of the Year award from customer Danone in Canada for its work in developing a more sustainable yogurt cup using EnviroAir® technology.  By using the EnviroAir foaming technology, Spartech was able to reduce the amount of plastic used in the yogurt cup by up to 20%. The EnviroAir technology can be used in a variety of applications outside the packaging industry to reduce weight by up to 40%, depending upon the application and specifications. Spartech is able to measure these results by using life cycle assessment software from Sustainable Minds.
Spartech developed the report to follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 3.1 level C reporting framework.  The report theme, “Connected”, describes Spartech’s belief that we are all connected in the pursuit of a sustainable future.  For Spartech, this means working with its supplier partners, customers and shareholders to build its communities and minimize the environmental footprint of its products and processes. Spartech aims to produce a biennial report in the future, the company said.
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