Schreiner MediPharm Receives WorldStar Award


SchreinerMediPharm (Oberschleissheim, Germany) recently received the international WorldStar Award for its Needle-Trap label system.
Schreiner MediPharm received the award for the Needle-Trap label system, which features an integrated safety device to help prevent accidental needlestick injuries, in the competition's pharmaceutical category.


According to the company, the system’s economical design allows needles from disposable syringes to be safely and easily secured after they have been used.
After winning the German Packaging Award for the Needle-Trap label in 2008, Schreiner MediPharm was invited to compete in the World Packaging Organization’s international WorldStar Competition.
All packages submitted were judged by an international jury on design, quality, economy, and user-friendliness. Each package is compared to similar packages submitted from around the world. The one that is deemed the best in that category in terms of performance and innovative design is named the winner.


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