Rotoflex Offers New 100% Inspection System

Rotoflex has introduced a100% inspection system available on most Rotoflex finishing solutions. The LT Web Inspection system, designed specifically for Rotoflex, will provide high-quality inspection at a very competitive price, broadening inspection options for new and existing Rotoflex users.

This new system will, based on pixel resolution, detect defects such as broken and missing characters, registration of print and die cut, color deviations and ink splashes. With a patent pending diffused lighting component, the LT Web Inspection system is also ideal for foil decorated print, holograms, embossed/debossed and reflective/metalized surfaces.
"We are excited to offer this new, high-value inspection system in addition to existing advanced inspection options," states Dan Dancer, product manager, Rotoflex. "With an optional web guide including splicing table and mount, the LT Web Inspection system will enable our clients to deliver 100% inspection at a very reasonable price."
The proprietary solution is immediately available on new 13 inch (330 mm) and 17 inch (430 mm) Rotoflex VSI, VLI, DSI and DLI models. Current customers may choose to enhance existing models.


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