Romaco To Unveil Two New High Speed Filling Models

Romaco, Karlsruhe/Germany, is extending its Macofar LF 200 product family with two more models for filling liquids into glass and plastic bottles at high speeds.
The new Macofar LF 200 FD and LF 200 FS series were specially developed for bottling pharmaceutical liquids. The LF 200 family comprises five different models for filling a variety of applications of almost any viscosity gently and efficiently, the company said.
The new Macofar LF 200 FD is used for high-speed filling of pharmaceutical sprays, nose and ear drops as well as ophthalmics and syrups. The machine boasts a maximum output of 12,000 bottles an hour with a filling volume of up to 100 millilitres. The LF 200 FD is equipped with two closing stations and is capable of handling a wide range of closure types including pipettes, droppers, dosing cups, spray pumps, plugs, plungers and screw caps. The dual closure system is extremely flexible and facilitates many different combinations.
The bottles are filled continuously, speeding up the filling process. The movement of the swivelling dosing systems is synchronised with the bottle transport through the machine. The LF 200 FD is suitable for glass and plastic containers 16 to 80 millimetres in diameter and 35 to 200 millimetres in height with a filling volume of 0.5 to 500 millilitres. The transport system that transfers the packaging can be adjusted to different container dimensions quickly and easily.
Romaco will unveil the Macofar LF 200 FD liquid filling line with the Promatic PC 4200 continuous motion cartoner at Pharmintech 2013, Bologna/Italy.
The Macofar LF 200 FS is another new model belonging to the same family as the Macofar LF 200 FD. Romaco’s FS machines were specially designed for applications with a single closure system such as pump, pilfer-proof, child-proof, screw or press-on caps. The Macofar LF 200 FS likewise fills the containers in a continuous process at a maximum rate of 12,000 bottles an hour.
It is particularly suited for processing pharmaceutical liquids that are orally administered or applied to mucous membranes. Servo-controlled processes assure safe and reliable handling throughout the filling and closing operations. The first machines in the Macofar LF 200 FS series will be ready for shipping to coincide with Pharmintech 2013.
The Macofar LF 200 FC was specifically developed for filling pharmaceutical syrups of almost any viscosity. The system’s maximum filling speed is 4,500 bottles an hour with a filling volume of up to 250 millilitres. The intermittent filling process is recommended, amongst other things, for cough and fever medicines or nutraceuticals.
The machine is suitable for filling glass and plastic bottles with a maximum volume of 500 millilitres. The containers are sealed with pilfer-proof or screw caps. With its compact design and length of just 2,200 millimetres, the Macofar LF 200 FC has a remarkably small footprint and is very economical in use. It requires only minimal maintenance and is readily accessible, allowing convenient operation as well as quick format or product changes. The Romaco Macofar LF 200 FC made its debut at ACHEMA 2012 in an in-line configuration with the Promatic P 91 intermittent motion cartoner.
The Macofar LF 200 ST was developed by Romaco in response to the growing demand for high-speed machines that can be used to fill sterile liquids into vials. The machine achieves a maximum output of 12,000 vials an hour with a filling volume of up to five millilitres. The LF 200 ST complies with the rigorous cGMP requirements for processing parenteral pharmaceutical liquids, which are administered to the patient in the form of injections or infusions. The filling process is servo-controlled and involves an intermittent vertical motion that prevents turbulent air movements in the vicinity of the open vials.
Thanks to its balcony structure and the strict separation between “white” (cleanroom) and “grey” (technical) areas, the Macofar LF 200 ST combines maximum product safety with premium quality. The glass or plastic vials are sealed with a rubber stopper after filling. Besides the use of standard liquid stoppers, the closing system is also suitable for subsequent freeze drying. The Macofar LF 200 ST will be on show for the first time at P-MEC 2013.
The Macofar LF 200 SA was conceived as a standalone unit for processing non-sterile liquids such as cosmetics, healthcare products or nutraceuticals. Depending on the product type it can be supplied with various dosing and volumetric pump systems manufactured in stainless steel or ceramic coated. The continuous filling principle permits a maximum output of 12,000 bottles an hour, classing it as a high-speed model. With its ergonomic design and user-friendly operating philosophy, the Macofar LF 200 SA impresses with superior product quality and excellent value for money. The Macofar LF 200 SA liquid filling machine was introduced to a wide public at Emballage 2012.
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