Romaco Exhibits Tube Filler For Pharma Packaging

Romaco is showcasing the Romaco Unipac U 2060 automatic tube filler at PackExpo, booth S-232. The filler has an enclosed design that meets ergonomic requirements. With a compact structure and a footprint of less than one and a half square metres, the unit is easy to access and extremely versatile.
Equipped with eight stations, the technology is ideal for filling semi-solids such as ointments, creams, gels and pastes, in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The products are filled into aluminium, laminate, or polyethylene tubes, which are closed either mechanically by means of a series of folds or in a heat-sealing or hot air process. This robust machine has a maximum output of sixty tubes per minute and is intended for small-to-medium sized batches.
Romaco in addition is exhibiting the FrymaKoruma MaxxD Lab vacuum processing unit. With a filling volume of three to twelve litres, the unit is mainly used to develop new products and formulations, such as in scale-up applications or small batch sizes.
A powerful homogenizer permits shorter batch cycles because emulsions are created faster. The fact that large quantities of dry materials can be fed rapidly and the option of adding solids make the equipment more versatile. The continuous product flow through the recirculation line is supported by the vessel geometry.
Also featured at the show, the FrymaKoruma MK 320 corundum stone mill can be used to process foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical products. The system achieves particle sizes of between 150 and 40 micrometres (µm).
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