Rollprint Packaging Products Recognized in FPA Awards for Technical Innovations

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) has awarded Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. for two of its recent packaging projects. The company received Silver Awards in Technical Innovation in FPA’s 57th annual Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards, one for its Chameleon Color-Changing Sealant and the other for its Allegro B barrier lidding used in the SwabCap.

Rollprint offers a new sealant that can impart color to a range of films.

Chameleon Color-Changing Sealant can be applied to any thermally stable web such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene or on any of Rollprint’s ClearFoil barrier structures. Using the new sealant, manufacturers can color code products by type or size. Because the web remains transparent, package contents are visible through the color.

“These market segments typically have not used visual elements to support brands to the degree that other categories have. We view this new sealant technology as a game changer to help manufacturers grow market share, while also enhancing security,” said Dwane Hahn, vice president of sales and marketing, Rollprint, in a statement.

For SwabCap, which is a disposable cap covering a luer access valve connector with a built-in disinfectant sponge containing 70% isopropyl alcohol, Rollprint developed lidding to seal to the thermoplastic elastomer cap.

“Holding alcohol, particularly while sealing to dissimilar materials in a flexible-to-rigid peelable application, is a challenge,” says Dhuanne Dodrill, president of Rollprint Packaging Products. For SwabCap, Excelsior Medical chose to work with Rollprint, which offers a range of films with custom sealant technology.

“We’re very proud of having Chameleon Color-Changing Sealant and our contribution to SwabCap recognized by the FPA. However, the true reward is the positive impact these products can have on patient health, protection against counterfeiting, and reducing hospital acquired infections,” says Dodrill. 

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