RFID Storage Units from Terso Solutions Reach 1000th Installation

Terso Solutions Inc. has placed its 1000th RFID storage device into production at a hospital in Santa Barbara, CA. Terso's RFID cabinets, refrigerators, and freezers employ RFID technology to enable complete visibility of high-value inventory. Terso's current customers include Medtronic, Keystone Dental, Novis Pharmaceuticals, Miltenyi Biotec, and many more.

"This is a significant milestone for everyone involved with Terso Solutions Inc.," said Joe Pleshek, President and CEO, Terso Solutions Inc., in a press release. "We're seeing significant growth in both Healthcare and Life Science, and continue to bring aboard new customers across both industries. A significant number of new jobs have been created within Terso Solutions to support this growth."

The Model is a TS032 RFID cabinet. "The placement of our 1,000th unit, along with the recent additions to our product line, clearly demonstrates Terso's commitment to leading the way in automated inventory management solutions for healthcare and life science," adds Pleshek.

For more information about Terso Solutions Inc.'s 1000th unit, visit www.tersosolutions.com/%20rfid-1000.

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