Report: Top 500 Medicines 2011/New Drug Review 2011

A combination report from Pharmalive Special Reports explores the current top-selling drugs in the United States as well as reviews new drug prospects. "Top 500 Medicines 2011/New Drug Review 2011" provides details on prescription product sales from 2008 through 2010 and examines the expected market values of new drugs.

For instance, Lipitor remained the top-selling prescription drug for 2010, despite losing patent protection in certain markets. "The cholesterol medication generated global sales of $11.92 billion during 2010, with $10.73 billion recorded by Pfizer Inc. Astellas Pharma Inc., the drug's co-promoter in Japan, reported sales of $1.19 billion for the 12-month period ended March 31, 2011," according to the report. Pfizer holds marketing exclusivity in the United States until November 2011, it reports.

In 2010, Crestor saw its sales increase 26%, generated sales of $6.05 billion in 2010. "Global sales for Crestor improved 26% compared to 2009 sales, and the product jumped four places in worldwide revenue rankings, landing Crestor among the top 10 prescription medicines in terms of revenue for the first time," according to the report.

FDA approvals were down in 2010, with the agency approving 88 new medicines in 2010 compared with 92 in 2009. New molecular entity (NME) approvals also declined in 2010 to 21, down from 26 in 2009. However, 14 less new drug applications for NMEs were submitted during 2010 versus 2009, the report shares.

"As patent protection expires for a number of billion-dollar brands and new medicines are slow to reach FDA approval due to stringent safety issues, the annual total of blockbuster products could be on the decline," according to Pharmalive Special Reports. "However, megabrand potential still exists for new drug compounds to enter the marketplace in therapeutic areas such as atherosclerosis, cancer, and diabetes."

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