Redesigned Blister Machine to Debut at Pack Expo International

Building off features employed on its previous machinery, Pharmaworks will introduce its newly designed TF2 blister machine at Pack Expo International October 28–November 1.

The TF2 is a mid-sized all-servo-driven blister machine that can produce more than 200 blisters per minute. In addition to handling solid oral drugs, the system can employ plug assists for deeper draws to accommodate medical devices such as syringes and kits. The new machine features a format range of 300 mm x 160 mm.

One of the most notable accomplishments of the redesigned machine is its smaller footprint.

“We wanted to simplify the whole thermoforming process, so we have shortened areas from sealing to punching,” explains Peter Buczynsky, Pharmawork’s president. “We have made the cost lower, while still offering the technical features of our bigger machine, the TF3, and the new TF2 is still scalable.”

Adds Ben Brower, vice president and sales director for Pharmaworks: “Shrinking several areas of the machine eliminates material shrinkage as well as registration challenges. It is not less technology—it is better engineering.”

For instance, the new TF2 features a shorter index and no looping of material. And, while the TF2’s heating zone is linear, as it was before (compared with the TF3’s longer vertical one), the shorter index eliminates the need for lasers to guide registration. 

The smaller-footprint machine is faster to change over, says Buczynsky. “Larger machines don’t offer the fastest changeover, despite eased tooling changeover. There is still tremendous set up time required,” says Buczynsky.

And tooling on the TF2 can be moved and adjusted while the machine is running. “You don’t need to stop the machine
to make minor adjustments,” says Brower.

The TF2 features multi-zone full-contact heating in close proximity to the form tool so there are no air gaps, adds Brower. “Air gaps impart cold spots, which could lead to defective blisters.

“Cooling happens at the forming station through direct-cooled tooling,” Brower continues. And the machinery bed tracks close to the form tools. “You don’t want to let the material to get away from you, to eliminate stretching,” he adds.

The new TF2 blister machine also features servo indexing and sealing pressure feedback to help users adhere to cGMP standards. Visit Pharmaworks at Pack Expo International at Booth # 2837.

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