Redbird Medical Launches Packaging and Supply Chain Management Services

Indianapolis-based contract manufacturer Redbird Medical is launching assembly, packaging, and supply chain management services for life sciences companies. Founded in 2012 as an affiliate company of The Phoenix Group, Redbird Medical can manage the supply chain through supplier qualification and monitoring, procurement, verification of incoming materials, and inventory management.


Redbird Medical's package and labeling operations employ vigorous line clearances and label content verification to address the critical requirements of the medical device and life science industries, the company reports. It can leverage warehousing locations across North America for distribution and order fulfillment needs. 

“In today’s world of lean manufacturing environments, Redbird Medical is a reliable partner capable of delivering state-of-the-art technology and world-class methodologies right out of the gate,” said Ken Turro, vice president of Redbird Medical, in a press release. “We are equipped with quality, expertise, and deliverables that capitalize on providing simple yet effective solutions, as well as assurance to all those operating in the life science and health care fields.”

Redbird Medical reports that it has built mistake proofing into assembly processes, using automated data collection when needed. 

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