Prent Wins WorldStar Award for Tray Design

Prent Corporation has won a 2013 WorldStar award for a package that helps physicians cut the time needed to deliver life saving procedures.
Developed for a leading international medical device maker, the compact thermoformed package involves an easy-to-understand tray and retainer. This allows several medical staff to simultaneously begin using different parts of the device, thus cutting the time needed to get the device ready and saving valuable seconds needed to stop hemorrhages. While one assistant is starting IV prep using the retainer components, a physician is able to start another procedure using the tray components, the company said in a press release.
A universal retainer with a combination of forms and features reduces footprint and per package costs.
The retainer supports various length devices, thus reducing per package costs associated with designing, tool milling, thermoforming, material, warehousing, and shipping multiple retainers.
Because the retainer and tray are stacked, the footprint uses less shelf space offering healthcare providers costs savings as well as superior product protection and stability.
The combined system allows fast loading of the product, prevents tangle of lengthy tubing, enables fast and easy access to tray, and ensures excellent sterilization penetration.
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