Polyester Options Expand for Blister Packaging

At Pharmapack 2010, Klöckner Pentaplast introduced its new family of high-performance polyester-based blister packaging films, Pentapharm kpVantage. "We call the new line a drop-in film because it can be used on existing tooling and machinery, has low forming temperatures, and it can seal to existing foil lidstock," reported Kent Sides, director of strategic business development.

Pentapharm kpVantage films incorporate a wide range of structures to meet pharmaceutical packaging needs. They can be used as a monopolymer film for pharmaceuticals requiring low moisture barrier or they can be integrated into barrier structures for products that require more protection from moisture and gas. "A full range of moisture barriers is available, each with the same product contact layer," said Sides. "We like to call these options dial-in barrier." (Polyester is the product contact layer.)

Pentapharm kpVantage films offer a wide forming window for optimal thermoforming. "The shrinkage characteristics of other alternative films have caused difficulties on unsupported equipment. Our new materials mimic the dimensional stability and shrinkage characteristics of PVC," says Sides. "In addition, they feature forming temperatures 20 degrees lower than that of PVC, so they require less energy through a higher cycle time."

When asked why polyester was selected for Klöckner Pentaplast's latest release, Sides reported that customers have been asking for polyester-based materials for some time. "Customers like polyester. It is a clear, high-performance thermoformable material." In addition, these films lay flat for improved performance on filling stations, have enhanced tensile properties for toughness, and offer clarity.

Adds Charles Baechler, Klöckner Pentaplast’s global pharmaceutical films business leader: “These pioneering films give customers the option of using polyester-based materials without having to invest in costly package redesign, new machinery, or change their lidding. Offered in a wide range of structures, customers can choose among Aclar, PVdC, or Aclar/PVdC structures to meet their moisture and oxygen barrier film needs.”

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