PLM Software & Medical Device Packaging

Abhishek Gautam's blog Packaging Critical Dimensions: Afterthoughts or Necessary? brought to my mind an interesting point about the possible role of PLM in medical device packaging and labeling.

Vimal K. Puthiyadath

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a product from the concept and design phase, through production planning, visualization, and marketing, to the point where the packaging and product are disposed of by the user, which means workflow is a built-in element within PLM -- though PLM is much broader and has higher-level functionality.

Consider a medical device company that has critical information on product usability, sterilization, storage, etc. which has to be on the packaging. This information, called digital assets, may be managed by PLM. These digital assets may also be geography and country specific. Now, if this information is managed by a PLM software and a database that can be accessed with permission by outside companies, such as materials' vendors or agencies, a company could implement a change across all affected products at one time.

This is what companies like Agile are offering as solutions to the MDMs. PLM solutions will not only reduce time to market, but will also simplify product launches in different geographies. Though PLMs are widely used in consumer packaged goods and in pharmaceutical packaging, I believe PLM software and solutions could add great value to medical device packaging, too. What do you think?

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Vimal K. Puthiyadath, Biomedical Electronics Engineer

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