Pharmatek Adds New Technology For Liquid Fill Production

Pharmatek Laboratories, Inc., San Diego, announced that it has expanded its existing liquid encapsulation capabilities by purchasing a Qualicaps FS3 Automated Liquid Filling and Banding System. The addition of the Qualicaps FS3 unit to Pharmatek's manufacturing capabilities increases overall efficiency at the Phase 2 production scale.

"The Qualicaps FS3 unit increases our scale of capsule filling, and it also has a number of other features that increase the quality of this particular dosage form," said Kevin Rosenthal, director of manufacturing at Pharmatek, a contract development and manufacturing organization.

"It has a robust gelatin band sealing technology that allows a quick visual check of seal integrity. The Qualicaps FS3 unit also has a heated hopper system for handling a broad range of liquid viscosities, including semi-solid and other BCS Class II formulations."

The unit is equipped with an inert gas purge system and unique capsule lifting feature, allowing for the handling of oxygen sensitive drug products. The inert gas purge system presents warmed air, or inert gas, into the headspace of the capsule, minimizing process defects and thus increasing the overall product yield. The FS3 liquid filling and banding system is configured to handle clear or colored banding and gelatin or HPMC capsules ranging in sizes from 4 to 00. 

"The acquisition of the Qualicaps FS3 unit increases our cGMP liquid capsule filling rate substantially. This increased rate allows Pharmatek to be more cost effective for larger scale liquid encapsulation projects. More efficient production of larger scale batches helps us to better support our clients through their late-stage Phase 2B clinical studies," said Jeffrey Bibbs, CEO and CSO, Pharmatek.

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