Perfecseal Joins Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council

Perfecseal, a manufacturer of packaging materials used for sterile barrier systems for medical devices, has joined the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC). HPRC seeks to encourage plastics recycling in healthcare delivery environments.

Perfecseal manufactures co-extruded films, laminated films, flexible forming films, foil barrier laminations, pouches, bags, thermoformed trays, lids, labels, heat seal coated DuPont Tyvek, and heat seal coated medical grades of paper, the company reported in a press release. Perfecseal, a division of the Bemis Company, has facilities located in Oshkosh and New London, WI; Mankato, MN; Philadelphia, PA; San Juan, PR; Londonderry, Northern Ireland; Selangor, Malaysia; and Suzhou, China. For more details, visit

According to HPRC's Web site, HPRC seeks to effect "positively plastics recycling from healthcare product design and manufacturing through product use, disposal and recycle." It has "developed a framework that defines primary activities and stakeholders as well as identifies issues and barriers along the value chain that disable plastics recycling." For more details, visit

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