Parsec Automation Corp. Introduces Mobile Productivity Software

Parsec Automation Corp. (Brea, CA) has introduced the newest generation of its real-time performance solution LEANTrak. It aims to be a mobile productivity solution that quickly collects relevant data from production systems without any changes to the existing assets without disrupting the operations.

The system uses Parsec’s TrakSYS RPM software to help simplify the set-up process by creating preconfigured point-and-click prompts to walk users through the set-up process so they can collect and analyze data quickly.
“Many manufacturers are understandably hesitant to put new solutions in place for fear they will add to the complexities inherent in the manufacturing process,” says Eddy Azad, CEO of Parsec. “It can be an overwhelming prospect. 

“However, LEANTrak allows users to quickly and easily set up in minutes – regardless of infrastructure, resources, products/equipment vintage – and almost immediately gain invaluable knowledge of how to improve their operations; all without production disruption.”
According to the company, LEANTrak is simply and quickly deployed without installation challenges, wiring, programming, infrastructure changes, or production disruption.
The company states that the portability of the system, which records production-line productivity events by monitoring and measuring product flow, makes it easy to move it from machine to machine, line to line, or site to site.


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