nuvoTrace Launches Technology For Blister Leak Testing

nuvoTrace (Las Vegas, NV) has announced a non-destructive tester that uses non-toxic tracer gas to determine leak tightness of packages, down to 7 micron channels.
The Trace900 is a self-contained tester that exposes the samples to a slight vacuum and then allows any leak paths to pull helium into the package. A second chamber draws any leaking helium out of the sample and into a non-Mass Spec Helium detector. Helium allows clean, very sensitive, and non-destructive testing. The non-destructive blister package tester can safely be used for all types of industries, the company said.
The Trace900 comes as either a full size cabinet on casters or a bench-top version. The test chambers are tailor-made to fit the product to be tested and to meet the companies’ specific needs. Up to ten different programs allows versatility in testing many different sizes of packages. The operator also has the option to use a hand probe (included with the unit) to locate the source of the leak.
For years Methylene Blue dunking has been the test method for finding leaks in blister packs. The problem is once the product has been exposed to the liquid, FDA requires disposal of the tested samples. This means that most products needed to be incinerated, which requires costly and cumbersome documentation, the company said.
The Trace900 doesn’t use a laser or other scanning technology meaning clients don’t need to worry about time consuming maintenance. There is no need for large, cumbersome and high maintenance vacuum pumps in this unit, the company said.

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