Nosco’s New SignaKey

By Marie Redding
Freelance Writer

Nosco helps pharmaceutical companies authenticate brands using many different technologies and develops e-pedigrees using mass serialization. Now, Nosco is launching SignaKey—which the company describes as a new class of anticounterfeiting technology.  

“SignaKey is a global leader in encrypted track, trace, and authentication technology,” says Scott McFall, packaging advisor, medical device manager, Nosco. “Unlike linear and 2-D barcodes, SignaKey symbology is not in the public domain, and the SignaKey Mark can’t be copied or cloned,” he adds. 

A SignaKey overt or covert mark consists of 256 equally sized elemental spaces stacked in a square, with 16 elements per side. No two marks are ever the same. The mark contains a number—which is the key to access all the information about an item, including when and where the item was made; when and how it shipped; the port of arrival; how many items the distributor received; how many the distributor shipped; and the retailers’ names.

SignaKey can establish a product as authentic and can be seen with an app on a smart phone. “The encrypted SignaKey Mark is controlled by brand owners and is inaccessible to counterfeiters. It’s the next step in security options, because its 256 bit encrypted and is uncrackable. It’s a lot stronger than anything we’ve ever seen on the marketplace,” says McFall.

Nosco has been working with Signakey, and says some customers have been very interested—and especially like the fact that it is not as expensive as some other solutions, according to McFall.

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