Non-Opioid Pain Spray Utilizes Customized Pump

FDA has approved SPRIX (ketorolac tromethamine), an intranasal formulation of the analgesic drug ketorolac, as an alternative to opioids. While the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory ketorolac has typically been given in hospitals as an injection for short-term pain, SPRIX has been approved as a nasal spray for outpatient use. The new drug uses a nasal spray pump from Aptar Pharma.

Aptar Pharma worked closely with Roxro Pharma for more than 7 years, reports Aptar Pharma ( In December 2010, Roxro was acquired by Luitpold Pharmaceuticals, and the newly formed Regency Therapeutics Division of Luitpold launched SPRIX.

“SPRIX fills the need for a new non‐opioid, non‐injectable option for ambulatory pain control,” said Askomur Buvanendran, Director Orthopedic Anesthesia, Rush University Medical Centers, Chicago, IL, in a press release posted at "Because it minimizes the potential for abuse as well as the negative side effects associated with narcotic pain relievers while providing potent control of moderate to moderately severe pain at the opioid level. The convenient nasal spray formulation will also provide pain relief outside of the hospital setting.”

Aptar Pharma's Classic modular pump was selected for SPRIX. The pump was customized to include an ergonomic nasal actuator designed to be comfortable for all patient populations, Aptar Pharma reports. To prevent accidental actuation during transport and storage, the pump features a safety clip. The pump was designed to provide precise dose delivery and spray performance as well as safety.

“Aptar Pharma is very excited about this new collaboration with Regency Therapeutics, and we are particularly proud of bringing them a customized device,” said Pierre Carlotti, vice president, marketing and communication for Aptar Pharma Prescription Division, in a press release.

Systemic drug delivery by the nasal route has several advantages over injection, says Aptar Pharma in the release: "it is non-invasive, removing any associated needle stick pain or anxiety; it is easy-to-use; and the patient has control over the treatment.These advantages all help to improve patient compliance, making treatment more effective."

“Aptar Pharma’s reputation for performance and quality was an important consideration in our acquisition of SPRIX; we look forward to working with Aptar Pharma for many years to come,” said Eric Hohenschuh, Sr. Manager, Marketing for Regency Therapeutics, in Aptar Pharma's release.


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