New Technology from Tekni-Films

Tekni-Films, a Tekni-Plex company, is relaunching its ALU-LOOK family of blister films designed to look like cold-formed foil. The PVC film can be laminated to PCTFE for moisture barrier and can incorporate EVOH for oxygen barrier protection, says Angela Roggenhofer, sales & marketing manager. “It mimics the visual of coldformed material but offers all the advantages of thermoforming. Companies can run this film without making major machinery modifications,” she says. The pigmented film also offers protection against UV and visible light.

The relaunch was made possible thanks to use of a new proprietary pigment. “The material performs much better than its previous version, in which the original pigment wasn’t distributed as well,” she says. “Now we truly achieve the high-quality look of coldform, conveying the same brand image, but in a much more-efficient package.”

Tekni-Films has developed the technology at its PurePlast facility in Canada. It has completed validations on three separate batches and has had an independent lab test ALU-LOOK for extractables and leachables; it got full clearance to comply with all regulations for pharmaceutical packaging.

Tekni-Plex is also in the process of opening a Global Technology Center in Holland, OH, which will focus on development of new technology platforms.

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